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We breathe life into your data. Our team of experts will uncover and communicate the story within allowing you to focus on the big picture. CRG incorporates innovative and technology driven practices that empower you to further your organization’s strategic goals.

Our strong experience in the sector and knowledge of the research landscape allows us to bring unparalleled insights to your research initiatives.



We help our clients and partners advance their goals. Providing data-driven workflows and solutions, with a commitment to the relationships we build.



We strive to extend the boundaries of what is possible. Helping our partners and clients solve projects at all levels of complexity.



We foster the spirit of innovation by promoting open-mindedness and collaboration. Building upon our shared research knowledge, to take responsible risks together.



We challenge ourselves to think beyond the status quo, to enable corporate development through research and technology.


Founding Partner

With over 8+ years of experience in the research sector, Alexander has practical experience in a wide range of research methodologies, strategies, and sectors. Alexander has led hundreds of studies over his career, including studies focusing on impact measurement and evaluation approaches.


Founding Partner

With over 10+ years of experience in the research sector, William has practical experience in a wide range of research methodologies, strategies, and sectors. Coming from a background of political polling, William brings a level of intensity and organizational planning required to successfully deliver on your projects.


Research Manager

At CRG, Susan leverages her expertise in data analysis and visualization, as well as her background in social work, to approach data with empathy and provide insights that consider the complexity of different intersections. She remains dedicated to a data-driven, human-centered approach.


Research Manager, Policy and Programs

With a background in policy analysis and policy evaluation, Mathilde has a variety of experience in quantitative and qualitative research. Mathilde’s experience in policy evaluation taught her to evaluate policies and identify the strengths and weaknesses of governmental programs.


Senior Content and Communications Manager

With experience in content management and creation for Canada’s leading tech brands, Danny brings invaluable content and communication strategy expertise to the CRG team. In addition, Danny’s involvement in the Canadian art scene as a music producer, studio owner, and community hub creator, broadens our team’s understanding of the Canadian art landscape and the perspectives of the stakeholders within it.


Research Manager, Policy and Programs

In her role as a Policy and Program Manager, Catherine actively monitors, evaluates, and analyzes relevant issues related to environment, investment attraction and promotion, Indigenous affairs, geoscience, innovation, and ESG development. She provides advice and evidence, drafts position papers, prepares briefing materials and presentations, and undertakes research into existing and emerging areas of industry interest. As a valued member of the CRG team, Catherine ensures that our clients have access to expert insights and reporting, and have the context they need to move forward successfully.


Research Manager

Benedict is an ambitious and dedicated researcher, eager to make an impact in the field of market research. He is enthusiastic about tackling complex projects and leveraging his analytical skills to deliver valuable results. With a passion for research and a commitment to data-driven success, Benedict is poised to excel in guiding businesses through the dynamic landscape of market research.


Research Analyst

Peter is a meticulous and detail-oriented Research Analyst with a passion for untangling intricate data threads. His commitment to precision and talent for identifying significant patterns make him an indispensable asset in driving well-informed business decisions. As a Research Analyst, Peter continually sharpens his expertise to make a tangible impact in today's data-driven landscape.


Research Analyst

Kate is a talented and dedicated market research analyst. With a sharp analytical mind and a passion for uncovering insights, Kate plays a pivotal role in providing valuable input to guide strategic business decisions. Her keen attention to detail and ability to interpret complex data make her an invaluable asset in the field of market research.


You have questions, we have answers. CRG’s mission is to help organizations leverage data and insights to measure performance and achieve their goals. We are a Canadian owned and operated research firm based out of Toronto who take pride in empowering our clients through data driven insights.

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Context Research Group


50 Carroll Street, Toronto, Ontario

Suite 200 – 940 6 Ave SW, Calgary, Alberta

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